New Trustee for STF

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Stuart Neale to our board of trustees.

Stuart came into Spiritualism in 2008, after a well-known medium told him that because of the particular way in which he had ‘discovered’ it, he was on some form of spiritual mission.

In his own words: “This led me to become comfortable with the idea of life after death, though it was by then more of a belief. I will admit that before 2008, there were many attempts to awaken my spiritual side, but I just shrugged it all off as being unusual – and weird!

“In 2021 I felt another awakening and decided this time to do something about it. It was geared more towards trance/physical mediumship, and I now know we go on after death. Because of this, I have become more active and vocal about Spiritualism and want to bring an awareness of it to friends, family and those in churches I attend.

“I am happy to serve the Spiritual Truth Foundation because the communications from spirits such as Silver Birch are as relevant now as they were when they were given. I’m also pleased to support those spirits speaking through today’s trance mediums.”

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