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A warm welcome to our website. Whether you’re here to find out how to apply for a grant, explore the unique wisdom of the much-loved spirit guide Silver Birch and purchase his books or listen to recordings of some of our greatest speakers, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Where we started

Maurice Barbanell

Silver Birch gave his teachings through a medium named Maurice Barbanell.

Barbanell was the founder and editor of the weekly Spiritualist newspaper, Psychic News, and for half a century devoted his life to spreading spiritual knowledge through its columns and those of other publications with which he was associated.

In his own obituary, which he wrote before his passing at the age of 79 on 17th July 1981, he revealed that he was told by Estelle Roberts’ Red Cloud — a spirit guide for whom he had the greatest admiration and affection — that in a previous incarnation he had made a promise to reincarnate and devote his life to spreading Spiritualism. Though he had no conscious knowledge of that life or promise, events certainly conspired to make it possible.

Silver Birch

A psychic artist depicts him as a serious-looking native American Indian with a single feather and compassionate eyes. There is evidence to suggest that this was simply a convenient persona behind which a far more spiritually evolved soul hid in order that those who read his words would judge them not by the name attached to them but by the wisdom that pervades every sentence.

Those who knew both the guide and his medium were well aware of the differences in the way they spoke and the words they used. They both had spiritual missions and they fulfilled them admirably, particularly when working together in their unique two-world partnership. This, as you will discover, has provided inspirational answers to the questions we all ask from time to time, about life, its meaning and purpose. Those answers are needed now more than ever before as we prepare for the many challenges that confront us and our world in the 21st century.

Silver Birch Quote

Service is the coin of the spirit. The only religion which I preach is to give service wherever you can. Never mind theology or creeds or rituals or ceremonies or doctrines. Never mind altars or steeples, the stained glass windows, the vestments; never mind all those things. They are of no account.

— The Seed of Truth

STF Chair

STF Chair After more than a decade of service at the helm of the Spiritual Truth Foundation, Robert (Bob) Clarke has stepped down as our chairman. We thank him most sincerely for all he has done to ensure the smooth running of our charity, both in the chair and as a trustee for many years
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