We are delighted to welcome Ann Wallace to our board of trustees.

Ann lives in Guernsey and first became interested in Spiritualism when she was a student nurse at Middlesex Hospital.

In her own words: “I visited a bookshop in Oxford Street and bought some books on Spiritualism and there began my search for the meaning of life. I found Silver Birch books fairly soon after that. We moved to Suffolk and I joined a Spiritualist church in Ipswich. When we returned to London eighteen years later I joined a Healing Circle at the White Eagle Lodge. We now go to the Spiritualist church in Guernsey. I have been on a number of spiritual development and healing retreats and have a lifelong interest in the movement.”

“I stopped nursing when I had children but continued doing voluntary work at Colchester Hospice. When the children were older my husband and I started a residential property business which is ongoing. My principal hobbies are reading and birdwatching.”

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