We’re delighted to announce the creation of a new website to host the complete archive material of the Noah’s Ark Society.

The NAS was founded in 1990 to promote the understanding and development of physical mediumship. It flourished for over fourteen years until its eventual closure in 2004.

During the fourteen years of its existence, no fewer than one hundred and thirty-nine journals were produced, covering every aspect of PM, including its history, mediums, phenomena, home development circles, public seances and much more.

The preservation, cataloguing and collating of this hugely significantly material is largely down to the efforts of one person, lifelong Spiritualist Lew Sutton, whose determination and commitment to preserve it and make it publicly available have taken years of work.

As trustees of STF we’re acutely aware that over the decades large quantities of material relating to Spiritualist history have ended up in skips and bins, simply because the people who inherited them just didn’t realise their importance. This makes us as passionate as Lew about preserving everything we possibly can for the benefit of future generations.

This new NAS website has been beautifully designed by our own co-chair and IT specialist, Nic Whitham. It’s easy to navigate (even for me!) and an absolute goldmine of fascinating information. Our thanks also go to Stuart Neale who has voluntarily assisted Nic with the huge amount of work involved in making this material available online.

You can find it here: https://noahsarksocietyarchive.org

Susan Farrow

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