Peter Geekie

(18th September 1942 – 31st March 2020)

We have recently heard the sad news of the passing of Peter Geekie, a former STF trustee.

Peter was a respected medium who served many churches and had a close association with the London Spiritual Mission for many decades. In June 2010 he became its secretary, following the retirement of his close friend Rosalind Cattanach. He became president in 2013 but resigned in 2015 due to poor health.

LSM member Carol Wood knew Peter for many years and told STF: “Even with his own health issues, Peter did not forget others. When my mother passed in 2017 he wrote me the most heartfelt letter, apologising for having to type it, since it was too painful for him to hold a pen.”

Carol thanked Peter for his “acts of kindness to many people and animals” and wished him a happy reunion with all his loved ones, including his dogs.

We thank Peter for his generous service over the years and join Carol in wishing him the joyous reunions he always knew would come.

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