When Your Animal Dies

When Your Animal Dies


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When Your Animal Dies by Sylvia Barbanell

“Do not mourn the loss of your pets more than you can help. It will distress them when they come to see you. Animals have simple, unquestioning minds; they are rather like children in their natural acceptance of the love you bear. They will not understand your grief because they reason that, not only are they alive and well, but are by your side. It will distress them to see your tears, for they cannot understand your reasons for shedding them.”

So says Sylvia Barbanell, who has studied – and presents – the whole case for animal survival. “Remember,” she advises, “the pet you have lost for a while will awaken to perfect health, with all ills vanished. One of the first things he will do will be to return to prove to you what a fine fellow he has become again. Help him to realise you know he is present by giving him a word or two of encouragement. Speak to him in the old accustomed way he knows so well. He will often visit you.

Let him know that a welcome still awaits him. “You may not have the psychic power to see the dog who has returned, so full of health and vigour. You may not be able to feel the presence of the cat who, with regained well-being, will rub her sleek, complacent form against the human who always lavished such loving care upon her. You may not hear the song of the pet bird whose notes of gladness have taken on an added sweetness. You may not be fortunate enough to see your animals every time they visit you.

“Nevertheless, be happy in the knowledge that, if the tie of love still binds, your ‘dead’ pets will be there to greet you when the time comes for you to re-join them.”

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    • Language ‏ : ‎English
    • Pages : 194
    • ISBN: 9780853841166

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