Full Set of Silver Birch Books




Buy the FULL SET of Silver Birch Books and get over 15% discount.  The set includes:

  • The Little Book of Silver Birch – Wisdom for Healing by Susan Farrow
  • The Little Book of Silver Birch – Wisdom for Life by Susan Farrow
  • Teachings of Silver Birch. Edited by A. W. Austen.
  • Guidance from Silver Birch. Edited by Anne Dooley.
  • Philosophy of Silver Birch. Edited by Stella Storm
  • More Philosophy of Silver Birch. Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
  • Light from Silver Birch. Compiled by Pam Riva.
  • Silver Birch Companion. Edited by Tony Ortzen.
  • A Voice in the Wilderness. Edited by Tony Ortzen.
  • The Seed of Truth. Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
  • The Spirit Speaks. Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
  • Lift Up Your Hearts. Compiled by Tony Ortzen
  • The Universe of Silver Birch. By Frank Newman.
  • Silver Birch Anthology. Edited by William Naylor.
  • The Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers. Compiled by Stan A Ballard and Roger Green


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