The Case of Helen Duncan by Maurice Barbanell

The Case of Helen Duncan by Maurice Barbanell


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The Case of Helen Duncan by Maurice Barbanell

The liberating forces of the United Nations gave the people of Italy and promised the Germans—a freedom which is not possessed by tens of thousands of Britons. One of the clauses in the Italian armistice terms reads: “All laws involving discrimination on grounds of race, colour, creed or political opinion will be rescinded, and persons detained on such ground released and relieved from the disabilities to which they were subjected.”

Eisenhower has promised the Germans that they will have freedom of worship, whatever their creed, race, nationality, language or political convictions.

As I write these words there has just been released from Holloway Jail a woman who was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment because of an Act placed on the Statute Book over two centuries ago. The woman’s name is Helen Duncan. Her mediumship has been attested by thousands throughout this land. At the Old Bailey, nearly 40 witnesses testified on oath that through her psychic powers evidence of Survival had been proved to them. And at least 300 witnesses were prepared to give similar testimony.

Far more important even than the case of Helen Duncan, which many Spiritualists consider a flagrant miscarriage of justice, are the implications that arise from her trial-the use by the prosecution of an antiquated Act whose provisions are a grave menace to the religious freedom of Spiritualists. Unlike the Italians they are not freed from the operation of laws which involve religious discrimination and which place them at the mercy of anonymous sectarian bigots who will descend to any depths to harm Spiritualists.’

The above statement was written by journalist and Spiritualist Maurice Barbanell. He sat through Helen Duncan’s trial in April 1944 and this book was first published in 1945 at the end of the Second World War.

Like any good journalist, acting as the devil’s advocate he posed such questions as “Was she paid too much?” or “Was she a fraud?” Barbanell then looks at the evidence. This book is a snapshot into history, telling of how the establishment ganged up and put her in prison without any real evidence. They called ectoplasm ‘cheesecloth’ but it was never produced as evidence; they never found any.

Read about the lies of the establishment and how they engineered the moving of the trial from Portsmouth to the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey and denied the chance to demonstrate to the jury her mediumistic ability.

Did she get a fair trial or was the establishment against her? Read this book and come to your own conclusions. Remember that in 1951 the Witchcraft Act of 1735 was repealed, all thanks to Helen Duncan.


Enjoy reading The Case of Helen Duncan by Maurice Barbanell.

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