They Walked Among Us
The life story of Alec Harris by Louie Harris

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Alec Harris, a former sceptic about psychic matters, became one of the world’s most brilliant materialisation mediums. In this book, his wife, Louie, describes his reluctant development and some of the astounding phenomena that occurred at their regular seances.


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They Walked Among Us
Alec and Louie Harris began their married life in: *
Alec proposed to Louie: *
Alec did not charge for his mediumship and worked in a conventional day job. Was it: *
Louie was a professional musician. Which instrument did she play? *
One particular physical medium deeply impressed Alec. Was it: *
In addition to his materialisation mediumship, Alec had a passionate interest in: *
Alec's control, White Wing, gave Louie a very special name. Was it: *
Later in life, Alec and Louie emigrated to: *

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