They Walked Among Us
The life story of Alec Harris by Louie Harris

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An in depth look at how healing methods work and how contemporary science can help to explain the efficacy of at least some of the treatments and diagnostic techniques described.

Try our quiz to win one of five copies of this groundbreaking new book.

Science and Spirit - A Healing Journey

Science and Spirit - A Healing Journey

Win one of five copies of this great publication - 'Science and Spirit - A Healing Journey'.

A Groundbreaking New Book on Healing.

The resonant frequency of the earth is named after? *
The Biofield is sometimes referred to as the? *
What is the name of the chakra located at the perineum? *
What is the colour most associated with the throat chakra? *
Healing belongs to which medicine sector? *
Who was the healing guide of Estelle Roberts? *
Which healer was offered guidance by Silver Birch? *
A serpent coiled around a rod is the symob of modern-day medicine. Where did it originate? *
What is the name of Isa Northage's healing sanctuary? *
How is distant healing energy transmitted? *

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