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Bereavement is a fact of life. None of us can escape it, or the pain it brings. This book was written during the second world war, a time of unimaginable loss, with the specific intention of bringing comfort and hope to those overwhelmed by grief and despair.

Now, as then, the need to know if there’s anything beyond the seeming finality of death is profound. The author Maurice Barbanell dedicated his life to answering that question. As editor of the Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News he had access to the finest mediums of his day and spent decades investigating and testing the evidence for the afterlife.

The book is packed with detailed accounts from those who had ‘died’ yet returned to communicate with their earthly loved ones, confirming their identities with precise factual evidence that only they could know. The author also explains in detail how to get the best out of a first sitting with a medium, how to evaluate the evidence offered, and what to expect when attending a Spiritualist church service. In short, it is the one book that every bereaved person should read.

They shall be comforted quiz
The author Maurice Barbanell was the medium for which spirit guide? *
Hannen Swaffer was well-known for speaking about Spiritualism all around the UK. What was his profession? *
Which of these was a famous spirit photographer? *
Who was Estelle Roberts? *
Which of these mediums specialised in automatic writing? *
Who wrote these words: “Spiritualism is either one of the greatest truths that has come into the world, or else it is a cruel fraud that has been foisted on humanity.” *

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