The results of our competition

First of all – here are the correct answers to the questions we asked:

1. Who was the medium for Silver Birch?
Maurice Barbanell

2. Silver Birch taught that killing animals for food was:

3. Which of these actors is a prominent supporter of animal rights?
Leonardo Di Caprio

4. What was Silver Birch called by members of his home circle?
Big Jump

5. Which zoologist, naturalist and environmentalist had a boat named after him this year?
Sir David Attenborough

6. Maurice Barbanell, founding editor of Psychic News, was:
A vegetarian

7. Queen Elizabeth II’s love of dogs is well known. Which is her favourite breed?

8. Which of these well-known actors is a vegan?
Benedict Cumberbatch

9. Dilyn, a rescue dog, now lives at which famous address?
10 Downing Street

10. Which vegetarian cookery writer is the daughter of a famous medium?
Rose Elliot

Congratulations to the TWO entrants who answered all 10 questions correctly! They are:

Tracy Owens
Ruth Osgood

Tracy and Ruth will each receive a copy of Wisdom of Animals and Nature, plus bonus prizes of our unique STF pen and tote bag.

In the absence of any other 10 out of 10 entries, the following entrants who answered 9 questions correctly will each receive a copy of Wisdom of Animals and Nature:

Louisa Livingstone
Grace Ramsfield
Craig O’Malley
Craig Hardy
Craig Badley

Be sure to watch this space for further publications and competitions in the new year!