About Us

The Spiritual Truth Foundation was founded by Maurice Barbanell, medium for the legendary Silver Birch, on 15th February 1968. Its charitable purposes include the promotion of the religious philosophy of  Spiritualism, the promotion and advancement of spiritual healing, and the making of grants to Spiritualists who are experiencing financial hardship.

If you are a Spiritualist struggling with an unexpected expense, perhaps due to illness, unemployment or other unforeseen circumstance, and would like to apply for a grant, you can find contact details for our Grants Secretary here




Present and Past Trustees

Robert Clarke



Susan Farrow

(Publications Director, Secretary & Co Chair)


Deb Kamis

(Therapist, Yoga Tutor and Studio Manager)

West Sussex

Ann Wallace

(Property company director)

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Robert N. Q. Wallace


Guernsey, Channel Islands

Nicolas Whitham

(Honorary Treasurer & Co Chair)

Ashford, Kent

Maurice Barbanell

(Founding Trustee)

Geoffrey Craggs

(Past Trustee)

Cyril Frankel

(Past Trustee)

Peter Geekie

(Past Trustee)

Eric Hatton

(Past Trustee)

Marjorie Kite

(Past Trustee)

Philip McCaffrey

(Past Trustee)

Doreen Quinnell

(Past Trustee)

Roy Stemman

(Past Trustee)

Robin Stevens

(Past Trustee)

Larry Taylor

(Past Trustee)

Ray Taylor

(Past Trustee)

Maurice H. Tester

(Past Trustee)